Sölden... And Action!

From Ötztal with Love

Sölden and James Bond. It was love at first sight. Director and Oscar winner Sam Mendes has selected some of the Alps' most spectacular film shooting spots for SPECTRE. Unsurprisingly, he fell in love with Ötztal's winter sport hot spot immediately. Therefore Sölden is the setting of numerous scenes described by the producing team as the movie's core and centerpiece. Come and see for yourself!

Behind the scenes

Truly Great Cinema in Sölden

Top secret: The SPECTRE film shooting itself was classified strictly secret in typical Agent 007-style. We are proud to present you some of the rare snapshots of the stars, actors and the film team in Sölden. Special recommendation: Watch SPECTRE on the giant movie screen and visit the original shooting locations on skis – get ready for a truly action-packed movie adventure!